​Through the combined experience and proven track-records of our partners, ATMS provides solutions and services to clients in an array of fields: strategy and leadership; project management; security consulting, training, and instruction.

ATMS has expertise in initiating and implementing change, and managing intricate and complex projects. We emphasize the principles of simplicity and directness in the formulation, presentation, and execution of a strategy. Our ability to recognize paradigmatic challenges, to accurately identify priorities and distractions, and to build capacity and empower key players and agents of change, are the primary contributors to the success of our tailor-made solutions, ensuring the long-term independent, sustainable success of our clients.
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    Who Can Benefit From the A&H Advantage?

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    ATMS's current and past clients and projects have included:
    • SMB's and Enterprises 
    • Governmental agencies and public authorities
    • Law enforcement, security, and emergency response agencies
    • Defense companies and contractors
    • Investors and funds with an interest in defense companies
    • Entrepreneurs and start-ups, particularly in the defense field
    Our advantageous method:
    • Efficiency, simplicity and incisiveness throughout the consulting process.
    • Unique ability to simplify complex situations and formulate a “Tailor-Made” solution specifically according to the clients individual requirements
    • Minimal investment required in the initial stages of root-cause analysis and concept formulation
    • Orderly and holistic analytical process, from a professional, unique, and contrasting perception
    • Solutions specifically molded according to the clients requirements and resources
    • Providing a professional opinion according to what the client needs, and not necessarily what the client wants to hear
    • Close and personal accompaniment by extremely experienced senior professional while maintaining the highest level of discretion 


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    ​ATMS's methodology starts with meticulously analyzing and assessing the organization, it’s surrounding environment, and it's current challenges, all while incorporating our client's stated vision. We then present several viable options for driving the necessary changes. Together with ATMS, our clients choose their preferred alternative and through discussion, we build a holistic, tailor-made, and client-specific plan for execution: overall strategy, a specific work plan and timetable, details of the necessary organizational preparations.

    Our clients further enjoy the option of having ATMS accompany the implementation and change processes as 'in-house', physically-present team members.



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    One of the most critical factors for the success of an organization lies in its leadership, which is why ATMS's methodology emphasizes the importance of strong, dedicated, and effective organizational leadership.  
    ATMS has a keen ability at identifying, developing, and defining core leadership and organizational values, as well as integrating these values throughout the organization. This process fortifies the organization's leadership team and its the ability to set and reach objectives. We build off of the organization's management capabilities, emphasizing the importance of delegation and team empowerment, out of the understanding that human capital is the organization's greatest asset in achieving success.

    Our capabilities further allow us to provide period-specific support in dealing with specific challenges and crisis managementy to ensure our clients long-term and sustainable success through the provision of tailor-made solutions specifically forged for the highest levels of organizational leadership. 

    For specific and time-sensitive projects, ATMS applies its experience and capabilities to provide premier management services. We use our methodolgy for the execution of well-defined, critical projects and processes. ATMS has the ability to lead existing teams, as well as provide a tailor-made professional team, both for the successful management and completion of the project.

    Project Management

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    Security Consulting,
    Training, & Instruction

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    ATMS are experts in the formulation of comprehensive and innovative solutions for a wide spectrum of defense, security, and operational needs and challenges: conceptual, doctrinal, strategic, and tactical.

    This includes the development of doctrines and techniques, materiel implementation, as well as the development of specialized training and exercise programs while integrating TTT (Train-the-Trainers) in order to ensure continued success and sustainability. 

    Strategy & Leadership,
    Defense & Security